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©2010 C.J.S.Wilson

Boys In The Bands


In the late 1950s the cultural revolution named Rock & Roll suddenly meant any Teesside youth who could learn a few chords or batter out a rhythm could escape the relentless toil of the steel works or chemical industries. Or they hoped they could. By the 1960s a multitude of pubs, youth clubs, village and town halls, workingmen’s’ clubs and then The Outlook, Mister McCoys and the Bailey’s nightclub circuit provided the venues for local bands to strut their stuff, many working four or five nights a week. Some of the musicians were content to have a laugh, earn a few pounds, and attract a few girls, but others sought wider horizons to conquer. But they all started here, on Teesside, learning their craft, honing their musical chops, learning how to work a crowd, and if they got to be good enough, they became The Boys In The Band.  Includes30,000 word narrative. 200 photographs.  60 band family trees. 300 quotes from local musicians. 350 illustrations of memorabilia

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