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5th December 2015








Chris, along with jazz and R&B photographer Dennis Weller & rock photographer Graham Lowe, his collaborators on Backstage Pass : Redcar Jazz Club, were at the "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll Music Fair" at Preston Hall Museum on Saturday 5th December to sign copies of their book. As well as enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the museum itself, they would like to thank Nick Mawson for making them welcome, Cooler King for the music, Mr Jagger, Mr Richards & cohorts for the excellent video & also everyone who came to meet them and chat.

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December 2015

Simon Bolton has invited Chris to be a guest on his Zetland FM Radio show on Tuesday 15th December at 6 p.m. As well as chatting about the new Redcar Jazz Club book, Chris will be talking about his other books and of course there''ll be music. Listen in if you can. You'll be welcome.

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5th December 2015

Musos reunited? More like skin-bashers reunited. Three drummers in one room and that's without including the house drummer of Cooler King who were providing the music for the book signing at the "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll Music Fair" at Preston Hall. left to right : Denny Chatto who started in the Fireflies  and was later the singer in Candy Factory when Chris was the drummer, and Kev Hunt of Rufus Buck. photo by Mick York.


Chris would also like to thank Barry Jones for his surprise gift - his book Stars Fell On Stockton. Probably between them, the three drummers above played most of the venues featured in Barry's book, and remember them fondly.

Thanks for all your support through 2015 and making Backstage Pass : Redcar Jazz Club a success.

Good to know we have so many friends

Hope you all have an exciting and rewarding 2016 !

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February 2016

From  10th February - 10th April Kirkleatham Hall Museum is hosting an exhibition of  landscape & rock images by Graham Lowe, one of the photographic collaborators on Backstage Pass : Redcar Jazz Club. It is well worth a visit. Above: Chris pictured in the exhibition gallery.

                                                                                                                           photo by Susan Wilson 

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20th February 2016

Deputy Editor Chris Lloyd ran a double page feature in the print edition of the newspaper on Backstage Pass : Redcar Jazz Club with a selction of photos culled from the book as well as publishing the piece on their website.  You can find it HERE:



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May 2016               Palace Arts Centre (The Hub) on Redcar seafront is featuring an exhibition by Saltburn photographer Francis Fitzgerald documenting local social events. As well as a host of images in black & white, see them reproduced in colour in a very special book. You've never seen a book with a rusty steel cover? You will have if you visit this exhibition.

Above: Chris pictured with Francis on the opening day of the show. picture by Susan Wilson 

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June 2016

Chris was reunited this week with singer Anth (Tony) Clements with whom he shared many stages back in the day when they were both in local bands The Wheel and Pretty Like Me. Anth had previously been in The Steve Brown Soul Sect, and while neither can remember the first gig they did togther in The Wheel,  Anth recalled their first gig after he came back to the fold was at The Cat's Whiskers in York. When Chris gave up playing the drums and turned to writing books, Anth continued to sing, his last band Juke Blues, based in Reading before he moved back north.


Francis Fitzgerald Exhibition

July 2016

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31st JULY 2016


Book Corner, Station Square, Saltburn By The Sea

Waterstone's, Captain Cook Square, Middlesbrough

Whitby Bookshop, Church St, Whitby

Guisborough Bookshop, Chaloner St, Guisborough

Clock Gallery, High St, Redcar

Kirkleatham Museum, Redcar,

Worthy Pearson, Gt Ayton

Drake's Books, High St., Stockton

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FRIDAY  29th July 2016


Today 6pm - 7pm

Radio Zetland 105 FM


Simon Bolton's show...


Chris will talking about his new

book - Sunset Be Glory - a tale of

smugglers on the North Yorkshire


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29th July 2016


Chris with radio presenter Simon Bolton shortly before going on air, and the view out of the window of the vertical pier that houses Radio Zetland FM. It's starting to feel like home...

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You can listen to the show HERE

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August 2016

Just like to thank radio presenter Bob Fischer for an entertaining afternoon when he stepped into the breach today to interview me on John Foster's radio show because John was under the weather. We talked about music and the countryside and even a little bit about books. He's an author too, you know... but more to the point, he likes Little Feat, and Mick Jagger and of course the maestro - Jimi Hendrix. In the meantime we wish John well and hope he's soon back on the airwaves.

August 2016

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Book corner Graham Lowe Dennis Weller Chris Scott Wilson Book Corner Saltburn


October 2016

Nearly a year gone by already...  Graham Lowe & Dennis Weller with Chris, signing copies of Backstage Pass : Redcar Jazz Club in the Book Corner in Saltburn last year.                                  photo by Neil

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From a review of Sunset Be Glory in the December 2016 issue of Coastal View & Moor News - If you are unable to read it here, you can find it on page 41

Denny Chatto Chris Scott Wilson


July 2017

Singer and drummer Denny Chatto,  a bandmate back in the day,  sharing a joke with Chris out on the river Ouse in York. Denny had been the vocalist when Chris was the drummer in Candy Factory in the early 70s, paying their dues flogging up and down the country in a Ford Transit, prisoners of the white lines on the highway, hostage to many a club audience.  Denny's currently with Scarborough band Trigger.

photo by Susan Wilson

Terry Reid Chris Scott Wilson Tea Toast Post Robin Hood's Bay


June 2017

Chris with legendary singer Terry Reid before Terry's intimate gig at Tea, Toast & Post in Robin Hood's Bay on North Yorkshire coast. Perhaps the greatest singer you've never heard of, Terry was discovered by Graham Nash  of the Hollies when he was 15 years old, then opened for the Rolling Stones, Ike & Tina Turner & B.B. King right across the USA when he was 16, and even sang at Mick Jagger's wedding to Bianca. Chris hadn't seen Terry for 40 years and was astounded when he could still mesmerise a room full of musos with his songs and stories for over two and a half hours, performing solo, his voice as subtle and evocative as ever, a sheer delight.

Chris Scott Wilson Jeff Bannister Sue Wilson Alan Bown Set Swinging Blue Jeans

September 2017

Chris and his wife Sue managed to catch up with Jeff Bannister of the Liverpool hit-makers The Swinging Blue Jeans who were headlining the last night of the annual autumn Whitby 60s festival, supported by a surprisingly good Vanity Fayre and Mud II. As usual, the SBJ's played a rousing set which left little room on the dance floor. Jeff's had a long and illustrious career including stints with The John Barry Seven and The Alan Bown Set, as well as providing keyboards on many sessions and tours. He also helped Chris on the Redcar Jazz Club book.


September 2017

Chris with Jeff Bannister (left) of the the Swinging Blue Jeans and (centre) Jim Rodford of Argent then later the Kinks and presently with the brought-back-to-life Zombies at Whitby's 60s festival. Jim was deputising for the Swinging Blue Jeans regular bassman, Pete Oakman.


photo by Susan Wilson

redcar jazz club chris scott wilson

February 2018

Uncut Mag Redcar Jazz Club Chris Scott Wilson Talk of theTown Chris Scott Wilson A Flavour of Whibty chris scott wilson author york marina A Flavour of Whitby Chris Scott Wilson author Chris Scott Wilson Chris Farlowe Redcar Jazz Club

August 2018

A long time coming - A man who featured heavily in the Redcar Jazz Club book. Author Chris finally got to meet the legendary Chris Farlowe last night in Middlesbrough after his rousing set backed by the New Amen Corner. Chris recalled his days headlining at the Jazz Club and commented he absolutely loved playing there. Spotted a few other familiar faces in the crowd too.                          Photo by Denny Chatto

Redcar Jazz Club NZ Review

November 2018

Chris was thrilled to have been sent this review of Backstage Pass : Redcar Jazz Club by Brian Kelly, host of the Breakfast Show on Coast Radio, serving Tauranga and Coromandel which appeared in The Vinyl Word column of New Zealand Herald.

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The book Chris collaborated on with photographers Dennis Weller and Graham Lowe - Backstage Pass : Redcar Jazz Club - just won't go away. In a response to requests, Chris and Dennis Weller have created a video to provide a taster of the the book's stunning images. And if you've forgotten what life was like in the 1960s, then this book will certainly remind you, and if you didn't know, then you are about to find out. There is more information on the Redcar Jazz Club Book page of this website

Author Chris Scott Wilson Jeff Bannister The Swinging Blue Jeans The Alan Bown Set  Butlins 60s festival 2018

December 2018

Chris was pleased to reconnect with keyboard player and vocalist Jeff Bannister of The Swinging Blue Jeans just after he came off stage at the 60's Festival at Skegness. The SBJs turned up the heat to have the 3,000 strong audience in the packed venue all on their feet and rocking. Then they went next door and did it all over again to another capacity audience of 2,500 . Jeff is also an accomplished author and you can find his books on Amazon, notably his memories of playing in the Alan Bown Set during the heady days of the 60s.                 Photo by Denny Chatto

Festival 60s Chris & John Verity

2019 March 30

Chris with John Verity of The John Verity Band just after he came off stage after playing a fret burning set overlaid with soaring vocals at Saltburn Blues Club. John reminisced that it had been supporting Terry Reid at Redcar Jazz Club that had inspired him to develop his own singing and his first gig as lead vocalist had been opening for Jimi Hendrix in America. In the 1970s fame had come knocking when he was chosen to replace Russ Ballard in Argent for a few years, until eventually striking out on his own with The John Verity Band, whose members often included ex-Argent stars drummer Bob Henrit and bass player Jim Rodford. The years haven't been wasted as he has continued to refine and develop his style.        photo by Denny Chatto

2020 August 12th

What an unpredictable year!  However, Chris has been trying to put lock down time to good use.  Since the publication of Backstage Pass : Redcar Jazz Club, in response to requests, he has been collecting material on local bands, resulting in a new book which will be published soon. Watch this space!

2020 August 23rd


We're still workin' on it. Info will be available as and when necessary...

2020 August 30th


More news soon...

2020 September 6th


Boys in the Bands will be almost as big as 12" vinyl and over 180 pages...

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2020 September 13th

THE PROMO... Boys in the Bands will be almost as big as 12" vinyl and over 180 pages. 200 photographs, 350 memorabilia illustrations, 60 band family trees, 300 quotes from local musicans, 30,000 word narrative. MORE INFO on Boys in the Bands page - see site contents

Promo 06

2020 September 20th

YET ANOTHER PROMO... Boys in the Bands will be almost as big as 12" vinyl and over 180 pages. 200 photographs, 350 memorabilia illustrations, 60 band family trees, 300 quotes from local musicans, 30,000 word narrative. MORE INFO on Boys in the Bands page - see site contents